Enjoy The Best Of France On A Cycling Vacation

A cycling holiday in France can be the most exhilarating experience. All it takes is a bit of planning so that you get to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. The best thing is you can avoid all the hustle and bustle of city traffic and enjoy the French countryside just as it should be. Of course, you can savor all the peace and tranquility and make your cycling vacation one of the most memorable every.

To enjoy the beautiful French countryside all you need is to be fit, not a professional cyclist. This is the time to enjoy a self-paced vacation where you ride when you feel, relax whenever you desire, and enjoy the privilege of enjoying village life and the best of local French cuisine. No matter where you go in France you will find a landscape that is beautiful and challenging.

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Along your route you will find many bed and breakfast inns, camping sites, motels, and much more. What's great about these places is that they are owned and operated by families, so you can expect the best of hospitality and a homely environment. Besides, they are the best place to rest and rejuvenate yourself for the next state of your cycling tour. There are several tour operators who offer a variety of bicycle tours beginning from a day to even a week and more.

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The French countryside is truly breathtaking, enough to take any tiredness away from you, even though you expend energy cycling. Making your way through the long winding roads in the region of Brittany is definitely something unique that you will never get to experience on any other type of vacation. Brittany has an exclusive, picture-perfect shoreline that is among the best areas to experience on your journey. A visit to Burgundy is a must, where you get to see villages surrounded by flowers, abbeys, and vineyards. To relive a piece of history, you can visit Dordogne. The region is famous for its archaeological sites and medieval towns. The splendid river valleys are sights that you remember for years together. The country roads around Dordogne are suitable for everyone, not to forget the awesome scenery that you get to enjoy. There are many biking routes that go through corn and tobacco fields, leading to Castelnau-Bretenoux.

One of the most intriguing things about the village homes are the striking red roofs that adorn many manor homes and chateauxs as well. The Dordogne Valley will take you through the villages of Carrenac and Fleurac, which is sure to be one of the most memorable parts of your cycling vacation in France.

No cycling tour of France can be complete without a visit to the Provence District. The region is known for its vineyards, fields of lavender and poppy, and much more. Some more charming villages and enchanting countryside awaits you in Loire. This is the region where the rivers, Cisse, Loire, and Cher meet. So, if medieval villages, miles and miles of virgin countryside, picnicking on the river banks, and sipping the best tea and coffee at small cafes suit your fancy, a cycling vacation in France is just the right antidote.