A Gastronomic Cycling Tour Through Burgundy

Food aficionados will enjoy the cuisine of Burgundy and the delectable world-famous wines of the region. If you love fine wines, you may want to linger here for a long time. Travel by car or by coach or even a train gives you a feeling of being on a conducted tour. A better way to get the feel of the countryside and immerse yourself in the local ambience is to go cycling. There are many places you could visit in France, each with its own attractions like the Cote d'Azur, the French Alps, Paris or the famous castles. However, Burgundy has a charm of its own and to savor it to the fullest, it would be prudent to embark on a cycling tour.

You can hire a cycle with a cycle tour organizer. They will provide you a cycle along with other accessories to help you get to your destination. Tour operators have local arrangements to take care of your baggage and move it to a pre-arranged hotel. Meals may or may not be included and it is for you to decide. However, you are free from the bother of managing your luggage and hotel bookings at the end of a long day riding your cycle. Roads in France facilitate cycling in a safe manner. When you explore the by-lanes and move deeper into the country, you get to immerse yourself in the culture and local way of life. Stopping at a village restaurant gives you a chance to sample the cuisines and local wines, and talk to the locals, something you would not have time for when using other modes of travel.

September is the time when grapes are harvested to make the famed red wines and chardonnays the region is famous for. Wine related festivals give you a chance to sample wines and enjoy the festive atmosphere. If you happen to visit Burgundy during the Dijon Gastronomic Fair, you have a chance to gorge on the delicious food of this region like Coq Au Vin, Boeuf Bourgignon or Escargots. You may have tasted these in your country but sampling them the local way is something unique.


The weather here is cool in autumn with some showers so cycling for long hours will be rather enjoyable. Wine tasting at the innumerable wineries that dot the countryside as you pedal along will keep you invigorated and perhaps thirsting for more.

Arrive in Paris, inform your cycle tour operator, proceed to Dijon by the TGV and begin your exploration of this exotic region of France. Food and wine apart, the region is also rich in history. Autun is a place to pedal to and view relics of Roman history and the marvelous countryside. Cluny with its close connections to religion gives you insights into the Christian past. The Basilica at Vezelay is a place you must visit and cycle through the medieval town, rates as the region's best. Cycling is an exhilarating experience and gives you time to view and appreciate the view, mix with the local people and experience the local culture. Another good reason why cycling in Burgundy is good is that it makes you hungry. Bon Appetit.