Cycling Vacation In France (Alsace And Brittany)

There are many companies that offer cycling tours of France. These tours cover the French countryside and there are special tours called Tour de France tours. Some companies offering cycling tours are Discover France, Breaking Away, French Cycling Holidays, Cycling Classics, DuVine Adventures, Breton Bikes, Cyclo Mundo, Van Gogh Tours, Bike Tours France and Veloe Chappe.

The regions covered are Alsace (near the German border), Brittany (near the England border), Burgundy (famous for its wines), Champagne (which shares its name with the drink of the same name), Dordogne/SW, Languedoc, Loire Valley, Normandy (famous for being the place that played a major role in the liberation of France from the Nazis), Provence (in southern France) and Rhone-Alpes (the French name for the Alps mountains).

The first leg of the tour will take you through Alsace. The region lies between the Vosges Mountains in France and the borders of Germany and Switzerland. The region is rich in tradition and is a blend of culture and charm. You will travel on the Route du Vin or Wine Route. This route will take you through 100 wine producing villages. These villages lie between Strasbourg and Colmar. Some of the best French wines are produced here. You will also find a lot of gourmet cuisine because this region has the highest number of Michelin restaurants. You will get a taste of the famous baeckeofe in this region. You will be surprised by the pretty half timbered houses decorated with brilliantly colored flowers. The tour can be taken at any time from April to October.


This region is small and densely populated. You will find 2,000 kilometers of bike paths in Alsace. These bike paths will take you along the Rhine River will finally heads into Germany. Alsace produces a large variety of wines. Six white wines and one red wine are grown in Alsace. The region has a lot of museums. There are 250 museums. Each museum caters to a different subject and interest. Notable museums are the Chocolate Museum, the Train Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

You will love cycling through the Vosges Mountains. The mountains will take you quite close to the German border. You will come across the Chateau du Haut Koenigsbourg, a medieval castle that was destroyed and rebuilt several since its construction in the 12th century. The castle provides breathtaking views of the region. You will also be coming across the Mont St. Odile, a shrine named after Saint Odile, a patron saint of Alsace. The shrine serves as a meditation center.

Strasbourg is the capital of Alsace. You can visit the Grand Ile, which is the city center and the Strasbourg Cathedral, when you are in Strasbourg. The next leg of your cycling tour will take you to Brittany. This region is a fascinating mix of ancient towns, spectacular coastline, inland woods and magical islands. The region was a Celtic duchy for a thousand years before France annexed it in 1532.